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        A national top-ranking financial center was founded in our University

        Date:2014-11-28 Read:

        Our university has founded a national top-ranking financial center with the attention and support of the leaders at all levels. The related departments and the teachers of institute of finance spent half a year establishing the first-class financial centre in our country. In recent days, our headmaster Mr. Zhou Guanghong visited our financial laboratory center made an important speech and highly commented the center. The financial centre aims at improving the academic level and teaching quality of the business school, with emphasis of cultivating the student’s capacity of research, practice, innovation, employability, in order to enhance the communication and cooperation with the external world, expanding the social consequence, improve the efficiency of schooling, which will ultimately form a integrated service platform that combines talent development, business innovation, project research, serving the community. The construction schemes of the financial centre combines the international concept of laboring and contraction and the education demand in China. It also combines different functions together, like software and course training, teaching tools and research resource laboratory management and information sharing, academic exchange transformation. Recently, it includes global financial information system, financial research data support system, video conference system, trading simulation training system, teaching discussion recording system.

        Global financial information system is a real-time analysis terminal that crosses different varies markets and regions. The terminal system provides the latest information of stock, funds, bonds, futures, currencies, derivatives and thousands of financial products from 60 countries over the world, which shows the feature of this industry and creates a academic atmosphere for the financial research. It can show the diagrams directly, improve the analysis of technical indicators, portfolio and risk management, provides unprecedented support and experience for those who pursue value investment.

        Financial data supporting system CSMAR consists of 11 researches including stock, company, funds, bonds, derivatives, economy, industry, currency market, overseas and topic, together with 73 subsets. The database starts from the need of academic research, emphasizes the precision, comparability, continuity, largely lowers the cost of products, improves the efficiency of research, and opens the avenues for further research. This data base is widely used by over 500 universities and institutions home and abroad and more than 10,000 high-quality academic theses based on CSMAR serial research data base have been published in first-class national and international periodicals.

        Video conference system can share high quality teachers from about 400 schools hold the famous teacher lecture on an irregular basis starts long-distance educating, shares the excellent medium of the master teachers from different colleges all over the world and increases the benefits of labs in the different colleges.

        Trading simulation training system uses the module design which is consistent to trading rules of securities industry, including the process of placing an order and the matching mechanism in trade, together with the limitation in the percentage of cash and Position details. Every step requires and restricts students by real stock regulation, to give students a chance to experience the same competition and operating mechanism as securities institution, standardizes the students operation during the process of experiment. In order to help the students to have a full knowledge of the development of portfolio and the formation of investment strategy, we have analyzed the results of customers’ investment concerning to the asset allocation, profit and loss on investment, yield, position details and performance indicator. The aim is to cultivate the fund executives for the future.

        Teaching discussion recording system employs two HD cameras automatically tracking teachers and students, which can realize the recording, editing, demanding the records of the situations of the teaching of teachers and their interaction with students in a full, 3-D, intelligent way. That promotes the construction of school based management, supports effectively extracurricular teaching analysis to elevate the improvement of teaching from the accumulation of advances curriculum, in order to make it convenient that students can review after class and share the resources with peer colleges.

        The establishment of the experiment centre greatly improves the teaching and scientific researching conditions of our college’s financial majors, which is bound to promote the rapid development of finical majors of our school.


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