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        Our college held the second high-level finance forum

        Date:2014-11-02 Read:

             On the afternoon of 19th, October, the second high-level finance forum of NAU was held at our school library. The forum was sponsored by Nanjing Agricultural University, Finance office of Jiangsu, Banking Regulatory Commission of Jiangsu, Nanjing subsidiary bank of People’s bank of China , and undertook by the Finance College of NAU, the Research Center of the Development of Rural Financial in Jiangsu. Professor Dai Jianjun, the vice-president of our school, Professor Liu Yinjun, the member of Party Committee in our school and the director of the party office, Zha Binyi, the director of Finance Office of Jiangsu, Tan zhenxiang, the deputy director general of the Banking Regulatory Commission of Jiangsu, Li Wenseng, the vice president of Nanjing subsidiary bank of People’ Bank of China, Zhang Haibo, the vice president of Hua Tai Security Company, Hua Jiangzhong, the vise president of Jiangsu subsidiary bank of Bank of China, Wu Guoshan, the vice president of Jiangsu subsidiary bank of Agricultural Bank of China, professor Xiong Deping, the excutive president of the Business College of Ningbo University, and professor Zhang Bin, the chief accountant of Southwest Jiaotong University. There are also over 200 representatives of students and teachers of our school attended the forum. Professor Chen Dongping, the president of Finance College of NAU hosted the forum.


          Professor Dai Jianjun made a speech in the forum, He confirmed the importance of the forum and pointed out that finance played an important role in the development of national economy, the modernization of our country and the economic modernization. Our teachers and students were supposed to value the chance of learning, and listen carefully to the experience and opinions of those brilliant financer. Then integrate these with the physical truth of teaching itself, scientific research and studying. Professor Dai also mentioned his wish the forum getting a good success.

        Centering on the subject that innovation of finance contribution to the development of the social economy, the 6 leaders of government and business, experts and professors made their reports in the forum.

        On the topic that “Boosting the innovation of finance reformation, contributing to the development of economic society”, Zha Binyi explain the back ground of the view of the development Jiangsu’s finance reformation and the main aim of the View.

        Li Wensen put forward 25 opinion-and-thoughts in the matter of difficult financing and expensive financing.

        Zhang Haibo made a discussion on some hot topics like “Result of A share IPO reformation and multilevel capitalist market.”,“Connection between Hong Kong and Shanghai” and “1 Password”.

        Huang Jiangzhong made a detailed introduction on how to solve the problem of the financing of medium-sized and small enterprises, and construct the service content of credit of medium-sized and small enterprises under the new situation.

        Wu Guoshan put forward some view on the matter of innovation of Business Bank, and encouraged our students to strengthen the combination theory and practice consciousness.

        With the Internet financial development and rural financial institution transformation as the theme, Xiong Deping explained three questions about reasons for the need of rural financial institutions, development and the nature of the Internet Finance, the rural finance from the perspective of the Internet.

        At the forum, Zhang Bing highly affirmed the reports of experts in his summary, and hope that teachers and students can digest this “gluttonous feast”.

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