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        Handover and develop——College of Finance holds the 2017 handover ceremony and commendation conference of the student organization

        Date:2017-12-15 Read:

        On the evening of December 12th, the 2017 handover ceremony and commendation conference of the student organization of College of Finance was successfully held in the lecture hall of the fourth teaching building. Minister of the Organization Department of Nanjing Agricultural University Youth League CommitteeLi Changqin, counselors of the College of Finance and all the student leaders participated in the conference. Tang Yuekun and Pang Lingxiao presided over the conference.

        The conference was divided into three chapters. First of all, taking‘self-cultivation of student cadres’ as the theme, Mr. Li elaborated on the responsibilities of student cadres to everyone with vivid examples. He also emphasized on the key points to be noted for becoming an excellent student leader.

        說明: http://finance.njau.edu.cn/__local/B/47/53/4AF15084B9474DCB09F065D9ED7_DACF7493_69F0.jpg 

        The second chapter is ‘Looking back, we are still youth’. Lu Jiacheng, Chairman of the fourth Graduate Student Union, Zhang Hong, Chairman of the fourth Student Union, and Miao Yang, Deputy Secretary of the fourth Youth League Committee, and Qiao Yukun, Secretary General of the fourth Party School, summarized the work done in the last academic year and shared their growth experiences in turn. Then the host read out the list of excellent departments, student cadres and volunteers, and they were awarded by the college counselor.

               說明: http://finance.njau.edu.cn/__local/1/28/64/1A6CC86798A155528DB3D96E9A8_131BDD91_12C78.jpg        說明: http://finance.njau.edu.cn/__local/D/CE/52/F8E4B418E31E7A9DFEA9B7EE392_79B8C24B_11C8B.jpg

        說明: http://finance.njau.edu.cn/__local/A/93/8A/149E8DC4EC1A88357BBE2DC2FF3_264E718C_1302B.jpg   說明: http://finance.njau.edu.cn/__local/E/39/A4/1147412A2C82B6E27F9A695DFB0_1EF36BFE_143BC.jpg

        The third chapter is ‘Looking forward to the future and she arrives in time.’ Then came the flag handover period when members of the fourth presidium solemnly passed the banners to the fifth presidium. Each banner carried a dream and encouraged all the student leaders to move forward. Then, Wang Jingyi, Chairman of the fifth Graduate Student Union, Li Guangjian, Chairman of the fifth Student Union, Yu Jiaqi, Deputy Secretary of the fifth Youth League Committee, and Wang Qingyun, Secretary General of the fifth Party School, respectively reported on the work plan of the 2017-2018 school year. Finally, the counselor Xu Binghui made a concluding speech and brought out some expectations on the new student leaders: Wish they could fulfill the needs of self development through the experience of student organization and develop into a person useful to the class, college and society.

        說明: http://finance.njau.edu.cn/__local/6/CA/AA/3A4B84F794DA6B91371AD492A36_6BE9D5E0_E25C.jpg   說明: http://finance.njau.edu.cn/__local/E/BE/BF/D79B33EAE8401B3A2047D833652_1B0724EB_108FC.jpg

        說明: http://finance.njau.edu.cn/__local/E/B1/E9/F798E09375037569F877D030653_4DB5C193_10FD1.jpg   說明: http://finance.njau.edu.cn/__local/B/C3/38/4E7858F25E06199138E856C3BCE_E52527DD_1257A.jpg

        The conference was successfully concluded in the applause and group photo of all the staff. In the new year, the student organization of the College of Finance will continue to innovate, thrive and create great glories in the inheritance.

        說明: http://finance.njau.edu.cn/__local/E/46/8B/2AA467ECEB3069B0A7A5C8C99D3_12F18191_1AC9B.jpg   說明: http://finance.njau.edu.cn/__local/A/1D/34/4D361D9554B97070D398D57D4FE_60407897_19762.jpg


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