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        The School of Finance held the closing ceremony of the 3rd Science and Technology Culture Festival and opening ceremony of the 4th

        Date:2017-04-27 Read:

        In order to commend the advanced students, inspire the enthusiasm for scientific and technological innovation, and show the youthful vigor of the students in the school of finance, our school successfully held the closing ceremony of the 3rd Science and Technology Culture Festival and opening ceremony of the 4th in the afternoon of the 26th at the students activity center.

        Li Rikui, deputy party secretary of the school of finance, Sheng Tianxiang, a finance teacher, and Lu Jiajun and Xu Binghui, the counselors, attended the event.

        Deputy Secretary Li Rikui delivered a speech for the Festival. Li first congratulated on the launch of this science and technology culture festival, then expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the teachers who have cultivated students' scientific and technological innovation ability for a long time.

        There are three chapters in this event, which are outstanding students who have performed well in science and technology competitions, arts&sports and student activities. The award-winning students took the honor certificate of effort, and took a group photo with the awarding teacher.    


        The wonderful program interspersed with the award ceremony. In the first chapter, Yan Hanyu, Yu Yi and Liu Hongze shared their experience in the contest. In the second chapter, top ten singers performed songs. In the third chapter, the choir brings the songWonderful U. At the end of the ceremony, Excellent representative Yang Zidie delivered the acceptance speech.


           The ceremony based on the colorful Science & Technology culture and art activities leading the students to explore the true meaning of science and technology and enjoy the cultural feast. It fully demonstrated the spirit of the students' energetic and innovative spirit, and inspired the students' enthusiasm for scientific and technological innovation.



























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