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        Huaiming Wang

        Date:2018-06-20 Read:


        Name:Huaiming Wang


        Title:Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

        Major:Agricultural Economics and Management

        Graduated University:Nanjing Agricultural University

        Research Field:Corporate Social Responsibility, FinancialManagement, Corporate Finance and Capital Market.



        Huaiming Wang was born in March 1963, Taizhou city of Jiangsu province, China. He is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor of Finance College of Nanjing Agricultural University. He serves as an independent directorof Jiangsu Zijin Rural Commercial Bank,Wuxi Rural Commercial Bank and Jiangsu Zhongxinbo New Energy Technology Corporation.He is chairman of the board of supervisors of Nanjing Agricultural University Asset ManagementCorporation, Jiangsu Senior Auditor Assessment Committee, and member of the Senior Accountant Review Committeeof Jiangsu Province.

        He has served as chairman of the Department of Economics and Finance, chairman of the Accounting Department of College of Finance of Nanjing Agricultural University, a managing director of Jiangsu Accounting Association, and vice chairman of the Finance and Accounting Committee of SMEs of Jiangsu Accounting Association.


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        Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals:

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        Nanjing Agricultural University 2007-2009 Academic Year “Excellent Teacher”, 2009.9

        Nanjing Agricultural University 2004 School Level “Award and Grants”, 2004.12

        Nanjing Agricultural University HuaiyinZhengda Award and Grants, 2001.12

        Nanjing Agricultural University Red Sun Award and Grants, 1999.12

        Nanjing Agricultural University Liu Songsheng Award and Grants, 1997.12

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