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        Wang Rui

        Date:2012-09-08 Read:


        Name: Wang Rui

        Degree: PhD

        Title: Associate professor in college of finance in Nanjing Agricultural University

        Major: Finance

        Graduated University: Renmin University of China

        Research Field: E-sports industry investment;Sports industry investment and financing.

        Email: wangrui@njau.edu.cn


        More than ten papers have been published in such authoritative core journals as Sports Science and Accounting Research.Hosted and participated in many items ofnational natural science foundation of China and Jiangsu provincial social science foundation.

        Serve in institutions include the State Sports General Administration Research Institute, the State Sports General Administration Information Center, Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, Zhejiang Sports Bureau, Macao Smart Sports Association and other sports institutions. Besides, serve in well-known central enterprises such as China Life Insurance and China Mobile.


        [1]Fundamental Research Funding Project of Central Universities (SK2013010);

        [2]Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of ChinaKey Project “Research on Environmental Auditing Issues Based on Property Rights Allocation and Transaction” (11AZD030);

        [3]Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of China Youth Project “Research on the Positioning and Implementation Path of Auditing Supervision Function in National Economic Security System” (11CJY013);

        [4]Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of China Key Project “Research on Local Government Debt Audit Based on Risk Prevention”(14AGL008)

        [5]Nanjing Agricultural University Central University Basic Research Business Fund Humanities and Social Sciences Fund Innovation Project “Humanistic Capital Accounting Theory Framework Research of Human Rights Paradigm” (SKCX2015010);

        [6]Nanjing Agricultural University Central University Basic Research Business Funding Humanities and Social Sciences Research Fund Project "Based on Risk "Local Government Debt Audit Research on Prevention" (SK2013010);

        [7]Hunan Provincial Social Science Fund Project "Research on Accounting Confirmation and Measurement of Carbon Emissions Trading Guided by Property Rights Protection" (12JD09);


        [1]Wang Rui, Li Xin, Zhu Xiaojun, QieHongkai. 2015. Study on the Satisfaction of Rural Sports Public Service under the Concentrated Living Conditions ofFarmers[J].China Sport Science,35(12):12-20.

        [2]Ding Shenghong, Wang Rui. 2014. Integration of Investment and Financing, Nature of the Ownership and Efficiency of Investment and Financing[J]. Journal of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law,6(207):60-67.

        [3]Song Chang, Wang Rui, Zhang Yuyao. 2013. Audit Communication Strategy Chosen, Problem Severity, and Relationship Quality—Based on the experimental data of internal audit[J].Auditing Research, 3:42-49.

        [4]WangRui, Wang Shujin, Deng Han. 2014.Does New Urbanization Effects Peasants’ Psychical Fitness?—Based in Testing the Mediating Effect of Peasants’Income[J]. China Sport Science, 34(10):15-20.

        [5]Wang Rui, Lin Shuyu. 2015. Research on the Impact of Major Asset Restructuring on Auditor Change[J]. Research on Financial and Economic Issues, 8:83-89.

        [6]Wang Yang, Wang Rui. 2014. Analysis and Suggestions on Issues Related to Environmental Management Accounting[J]. Finance & Accounting, 57.

        [7]Han Weibing, Zhang Bing, Wang Rui. 2016. Income Structure, Residential Model and the Retionalization of Rural Residents’Financial Behavior: Based on Perspective of New Urbanization[J].Jianghai Academic Journal,101-105.


        Analyst in E-sports industry;

        Consulting expert in sports culture industry investment and financing.

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